We aim to be easy to work with (a fact which is confirmed by our clients) and try to make every project an enjoyable experience for all those involved. We are serious about our work but we also aim to make our day to day activities and the relationships which build during the life of a project as pleasurable as possible.....happily we find that this is possible amongst all the technical and administrative issues (and the ups and downs) which each project will of necessity involve.



We believe that whilst creativity and innovation are an essential part of our service they must be combined with the ability to listen, to understand and to work closely with our clients and all other parties involved in order to develop innovative, sustainable solutions which are humane and enjoyable



It is also important that we are there for our clients as a skilled, reliable and problem-solving resource throughout the complex process of design and construction. 

Much of our work is repeat business or referrals from existing clients: a result of the effort we put into creating a strong and trusting relationship with all our clients. 

We understand that good design creates value for our clients and enriches the lives of those who experience our buildings.